Please view all packages carefully, we offer Bounce Parties, Interactive Bounce Sports Parties, & Playtastic Toddler Bounce Parties!!! For tours please visit during open play or weekend hours, we are not able to give them during licensed care hours.

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  • Great party for ages 0-5
  • Backpack for the guest of honor to decorate in start of party by guests
  • 2 hours of exclusive use of the Playtastic Area with an energetic Party Pro to lead your party
  • 1 pitcher of lemonade and water
  • Fresh baked cupcakes for each child to decorate during the party
  • Present opening facilitated by your Party Pro including a present list made for you
  • And for the birthday child, a picture to remember the special day with all of his/her friends
  • Themed party room, bouquet of balloons, and goodie bags for all the kids for an additional $50
  • Duration: 2 hours | Price: $275 | Children included: 20 | Each Additional child: $10 (30 max)
  • 3 large one-topping pizzas
  • 1 large gourmet pizza
  • 2 2-liter bottles of soda
  • 10 wings or a dozen breadsticks

    • Cupcakes – additional $20 for all adults to have cupcakes as well
    • Pizza - $16 large cheese or one-topping, $20 for specialty large
    • Drink - $2 per 2-liter soda bottle or jug of juice
    • Wings - $9 for 10 wings
    • Breadsticks - $9 for a dozen (12 sticks)
    • Ice Cream - $0.75 a cup
    • Extra Balloons - $8 a bouquet, incl. 8 themed latex
    • Goodie bags - $3/bag
    • Angry Birds, Avengers, Baby Shower, Baseball, Basketball, Batman, Bratz, Camp Rock, Cars, Diego, Dinosaurs, Disney Princess, Doc McStuffins, Dora, Football, Frozen, Graduation, Hannah Montana, Hello Kitty, High School Musical, Hot Wheels, Iron Man, Jake & the Neverland Pirates, John Deere, Little Mermaid, Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Monster High, Monsters Inc, My Little Pony, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Over the Hill, Princess, Princess and the Frog, Sesame Street, Soccer, Spiderman, SpongeBob Square Pants, Star Wars, Superman, Sweet 16, Transformers, Thomas the Train, Tinkerbell, Winnie the Pooh (Welcome to ask for other themes, but no guarantees)
    • Refunds: There are NO refunds. All deposits are non-refundable. Deposit can be transferable for two months if cancelled 14 days prior to party date, otherwise deposit is forfeited.
    • Outside Food: No outside food is permitted with the exception of cake (need to bring plates and forks for cake), fruit and/or veggie platters, green salad, ice cream (needs to be individual cups), and drinks (no fruit punch, red/orange or purple drinks permitted). Nothing else including, chips, pretzels, candies, etc. If you would like to bring in your own outside food there is a $35 outside fee charge. Food items must be discussed prior to the party with Bounce Spot staff. No surprises and no exceptions. Outside Pizza is not permitted ever, must always be ordered through us.
    • We no longer accept personal checks on day of party, only cash, visa, or mastercard.

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